In order to formalize our common interest in amateur radio, it's associated activities, and to more closely bond ourselves in it's traditional spirit of fellowship, public service, and cooperation; we the membership, do hereby adopt and bind ourselves to this constitution as the laws governing the society.


The organization shall be named "the Cabarrus Amateur Radio Society" and may be abbreviated C.A.R.S.


It shall be the purpose of the organization to:

(1) promote and foster technical knowledge of amateur radio among it's members and other interested parties.

(2) develop and provide systems and procedures to enable the rendering of services to the community, appropriate government agencies, and deserving organizations.

(3) organize and maintain a state of readiness to permit timely response in the event of emergencies, either actual or simulated, and to participate in periodic exercises to test and enhance this capability.

(4) promote cooperation and fraternalism within the membership and with all elements of the public in order to expand awareness, knowledge, and interest in amateur radio and it's capabilities.

(5) encourage and assist all persons who have an interest in amateur radio and aid them in becoming licensed amateur radio operators.

(6) promote good operating practices and compliance with regulations and customs of the amateur service.


All persons with a genuine interest in amateur radio and it adjuncts shall be eligible for membership. Election to membership shall be by sponsored application and as further provided in such by-laws hereto or which may be enacted.


SEC. 1. Officers shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and an activities manager.

SEC. 2. Officers shall be elected annually to serve for a period of one calendar year and shall assume their duties at the first meeting of each calendar year.

SEC. 3. A slate of officers proposed for election shall be submitted in writing to the membership by an appointed nominating committee not less than 30 days prior to an election. Nominations may be made' from the floor at the meeting in which the nominations are announced.

SEC. 4. It shall be the duty of the president to appoint a nominating committee for each election. The committee shall be composed of not less than three members who shall not be current holders of elective office.

SEC. 5. Election of officers shall be by written ballot at an appropriate meeting held near the end of a calendar year and shall not be valid unless a quorum consisting of not less than one third of members entitled to note are present.

SEC. 6. Vacancies in elected offices occurring between annual elections shall be filled by special election to be conducted at a regular meeting held not less than thirty nor more than sixty days after the vacancy occurs. Nominations shall be made from the floor. Any person elected to fill a vacancy shall serve to the completion of the unexpired term of the officer he/she is elected to replace.

SEC. 7. Any elected officer may be removed from office in a recall election when approved by two thirds of members present, but only after such intended action has been published for not less than thirty days."

SEC. 8. A recall election shall be conducted when requested by a petition signed by not less than one fourth of the members eligible to vote.

SEC. 9. The membership of any person shall be terminated in the manner prescribed for removing an elected officer.


SEC. 1. The president shall be the principal presiding officer and shall conduct all meetings in accordance with accepted rules of order or such deviations therefrom as may be approved by the membership pro tempore. It shall be the duty of the president to conduct the society's business in accordance with this constitution and it's by-laws. It shall further be the duty of the president to sign all documents and correspondence not properly delegated to others. He/she shall perform all other duties which may be prescribed for the office including those duties and functions customarily associated with those of a presiding officer.

SEC. 2. In the absence of the president at any meeting or other function normally conducted by the president, the vice president shall preside. In the absence of both the president and vice president a member may be selected to preside pro tempore.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the secretary to maintain accurate records of all society proceedings. These shall include a current roster of the membership, a file of all correspondence, minutes of meetings, membership applications, the status of membership in national amateur organizations, and all pertinent records of society activities. He/she shall also be the custodian of the constitution and it's by-laws.

SEC. 4. The treasurer shall be the custodian of society funds, shall receive and dispense all funds, and maintain accurate records of all transactions. He/she shall make no expenditures of any funds without proper authority. He/she shall be prepared to submit reports of the status of accounts to the membership and board of directors at any meeting. It shall be his/her further duty to keep the secretary advised of the status of the membership with regard to their financial obligations to the society.

SEC. 5. The activities manager shall be responsible for coordinating and arranging field events, public demonstrations, and society participation in non-emergency activities. He/she shall conduct activities in such a manner as to obtain maximum effectiveness and recognition of the capabilities of amateur radio in general and the society in particular. The activities manager shall in cooperation with others arrange for special programs at meetings and society events. The activities manager shall be the principal society official in all emergencies, real or simulated.


SEC. 1. A board of directors shall be established for the purpose of developing policies and recommendations for approval and/or implementation by the membership. It shall be the duty of the board of directors to conduct society business in accordance with it's decision, which shall include recommendations to the membership for the expenditure of funds of a non- routine nature in the furtherance of the society programs and projects. It shall be the further duty of the board to recommend to the membership the place and time of regular meetings.

SEC. 2. The board of directors shall consist of seven members who shall assume their duties following their election at the first meeting of the calendar year and shall serve until the next annual election.

SEC. 3. The board of directors shall be composed of the incumbent president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, activities manager, and two persons elected by the active membership. The chairman of the board of governors shall be elected by the Board Membership.

SEC. 4. The board shall report it's actions to the membership at the next regular meeting following each board meeting.

SEC. 5. Board meetings shall be held at the call of the chairman or at the request of the general membership in a meeting assembled to consider issues or policy matters which cannot be resolved by the membership in regular meetings. All board meetings shall be open to attendance by voting members of the society.

SEC. 6. Vacancies occurring on the board of directors shall be filled in the manner prescribed for all elective offices.



This constitution and it's by-laws shall become effective upon it's ratification by a favorable vote of two thirds of the members present at a regular meeting. It shall be published to all voting members not less than thirty days prior to such vote being taken.


Amendments, deletions, or additions to these articles or the by-laws of this constitution may be made by vote of two thirds of the members present at any meeting at which a quorum exists, but only after the proposed changes have been published to the members for not less than thirty days prior to such vote.




Honorary membership shall be accorded those persons elected by the membership in recognition of their special interest, contributions, or any meritorious actions on behalf of the membership in recognition of their special interest, contributions, or meritorious actions on behalf of the society or amateur radio in general. Honorary members shall be exempt from dues and shall not have voting privileges.


Life membership shall be awarded those licensed individuals who the membership wishes to honor for their contributions to amateur radio, to the society, or for other special reasons. Such status shall normally be restricted to members or ex-members of the society. Life members shall be exempt from dues and shall have voting rights. Life membership may be awarded by vote of the membership to any active member who has reached the age of sixty five and who has been a continuously active member for the immediately preceding ten years.


Regular membership shall be accorded any licensed person elected by a majority of the membership upon submission of written application sponsored by an active member. Written applications may be waived when expedient. Regular members shall be subject to payment of dues and shall have voting rights.


Family membership shall be awarded to any sponsored licensed person who is the spouse or dependent of an active member. Family members shall be required to pay dues as prescribed and shall have voting rights. Retention of family membership shall be contingent upon the continuing active membership of the principle member.


Annual dues of regular members shall be $15.00. Family membership dues shall be one half the amount of the annual dues prescribed for regular members.


A quorum is defined as being one third of the society members entitled to vote. In determining the existence of a quorum fractional numbers shall be adjusted to the nearest whole number.


Annual dues are payable on i january of each year and shall become automatically delinquent if not received by i march. Members who become delinquent shall de deleted from the roster until re-elected. Annual dues may not be pro-rated except for new members elected during the course of a calendar year.


Permanent committees may be established for special purposes of a recurrent or continuing nature. Numerical composition of permanent committees shall be consistent with the assigned committee tasks. The members of permanent committees shall be appointed by the president. Permanent committees shall elect their own chairman.


Ad hoc committees may be established for the purpose of conducting short duration tasks of a non-recurrent or temporary nature. Such committees shall become automatically dissolved upon completion of their assignment. Committee membership may be established by presidential appointment or by volunteers from the membership.


Permanent committees shall be:

(A) a hamfest committee to be appointed annually.

(B) a technical committee to be appointed annually.


(A) it shall be the duty of the hamfest committee under the leadership of it's chairman (or co-chairmen) to plan and execute all functions necessary to the conduct of an annual hamfest. The committee will at all times keep the membership informed of the current status of it's plans and actions and solicit such assistance as may be required' in the furtherance of it's project.

(B) the technical committee shall be responsible to the membership for the installation, maintenance, and operation of society owned repeaters and other devices. The committee shall be the primary custodian of all installed facilities and shall establish and make known to the membership rules and procedures for it's proper use. It shall further advise and secure membership approval for any proposed up-grading or major changes to existing facilities and to make recommendations for any procurement of new equipment.




  2018 (K4WC)
Cabarrus Amateur Radio Society
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