The K4CEB Voice Repeater







The K4CEB voice repeater operates on an output frequency of 146.655 MHz with an input frequency of 146.055 MHz and is located in Concord, North Carolina. It is owned, operated and maintained by the members of the Cabarrus Amateur Radio Society. 

C.A.R.S. Repeater Facts


  • Motorola MSR 2000 commercial unit
  • 110 watt transmitter output - continuous duty rated
  • High stability TCXO option (Tx and Rx)
  • Battery back up option
  • GaAs FET Receiver pre-amp


  • Wacom Bp-Br (band pass- band reject) 4 cavity
  • 6 inch cavities with additional band pass filter cavity on Tx and Rx sections
  • Duplexer losses (measured) 3.0 db

Antenna System:

  • Antenna- Phelps Dodge Super Station Master, 5.25 db gain
  • Feed line- CelWave 7/8" Heliax type cable approximately 220 feet
  • Cable losses approximately 2.5 db
  • Lightning protection on all systems
  • Grounding- 4 eight foot rods bonded to all grounds used in system
  • System E.R.P. (approx.) 70+ watts


  • Computer Automation Technology - CAT 1000

Emergency Equipment:

  • Kholer 10 kVA auto start generator (thanks to the City of Concord for allowing C.A.R.S. to share)
  • 650 watt UPS to keep power during generator switch over



  2018 (K4WC)
Cabarrus Amateur Radio Society
PO BOX 785, Concord, NC 28026-0785